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A change of guard temporarily works

By Merrill Olson

In just a few days the presidential election will bring a changing of the guard in January. Millions of people will enter the voting booth to make their decision for a leader of their choice. The particular person elected will determine the direction of the country for the next four years. In fact, the results may extend far beyond that even into the next seventy years and beyond if the Lord tarries in His coming and ends it all.

Nevertheless, both presidential candidates are in complete disagreement on issues. However, each one is appealing to the American people as continuous polling data reveals that 65 percent of Americans feel that this country is headed in the wrong direction. Their concerns stem from different reasons: the apparent lack of leadership in confronting the threats of ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism even to the United States, problems in handling effective immigration, managing the economy, and the divisiveness that occurs among class, color, faith, guns, and political groups.

Therefore, each presidential candidate is offering solutions to these problems and how they best can be handled. Even this has caused divisiveness. Hate language and accusations have been thrown out like wild fire burning and destroying along the way.

What has happened to the sense of decency that I experienced as a teenager in listening to my parents as they talked about the candidates? Back then the majority in that era were God fearing. Biblical morals meant something. The Judeo-Christian values, which this nation was built upon, still held power in the decisions that were made. Following the Constitution was a definite must.

In addition, children were taught to obey their parents. Parents sought to instill in their children general Bible principles which had traditionally helped young people to become honest, responsible, and productive citizens of their country. Therefore, the school not only provided a sound education but sought to reinforce the values taught at home.

However, a real change began taking place in the 1960’s. As it progressed, two godless world views began to govern: naturalism and postmodernism. Their influence has been powerful in shaping our modern society, including relentless attacks against Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus.

This election is crucial in getting back to some kind of decency even though America will still have one major problem: a heart problem (Jer. 17:9). Yet, this sense of civility can occur with a President who appoints prolife Supreme Court Justices, who believes in religious liberty, upholds the Second Amendment rights, works to correct immigration problems, and is concerned about economic growth and our national security.

God does work through sinful rulers as we see in the Old Testament. Nevertheless, the long lasting solution will not be from Washington but with the return of the Lord Jesus (Mark 13:32-37). Until then, we vote, we pray, we seek to do what is right in His eyes. We also seek God for our leaders and others who desperately need Him (Rom. 3:23).

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