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America Is At A Precipice

By Merrill Olson

America truly is at a precipice. It is situated like on a very steep or overhanging place. This next presidential election will determine whether or not it makes a sheer fall into no return. If it does drop into the abyss, it will still exist, for a time as God allows, but it will never be the nation that many have known in the present and for decades gone by.

Its movement toward the precipice has slowly taken place since President Ronald Reagan left office (1981-89). It was on a downward slide before his time, but God granted His common grace to the United States and Reagan’s presidency brought it back on the right track. He was a God fearing man, a believer in Christ, who knew that unless things changed, America would end up on the cliff. It became a good time to live. People felt secure under this strong, godly leader.

However, now the United States sits close to a sheer drop with the possibility of no return. There can be no doubt that this election is the most momentous one for all of us in our lifetime. The reason is that there are two candidates who are on opposite sides of the fence as far as where he or she will take this country. One them will determine the path for generations to come if the Lord tarries His coming (1Thess. 4:13-18).

Therefore, for born again believers (John 3:3), there can be no loyalty to any political party. There is too much at stake in this election. With the wrong person in the Oval Office, Christians will not be able to practice their religious freedom in Christ. In fact, many have already experienced persecution when business owners have lost their livelihood because they sought to live out their biblical convictions. Under the wrong president, it is going to get much worse. This country will become anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. This is already happening and will greatly expand or utterly decrease depending on the election and the one who will be occupying the White House.

Another important issue to keep in mind as one enters the voting booth is the future of the Supreme Court. If the next two or four justices chosen by the next president are of the present liberal, progressive, judicial ideology, there will be no correcting of it for decades and possibly never. This will affect many of our own children and grandchildren and beyond. If we care enough about them and what we will leave them, this has to be a high priority for us. How can it be any other way? Is it not better to have people on the Court who will uphold the Constitution of the United States? How can truly born again believers not desire this for themselves and those they leave behind?

Another important issue has to do with the continued murder of unborn children. Since 1973 over sixty million have been literally killed in their mother’s womb. If a prolife president is not elected, this immense slaughter will continue in greater numbers. Because God forms the unborn child (Psalm 139:13-18), abortion is wickedness!

All voters need to keep in mind that they are not voting for a person. Instead, they are voting for a worldview. One of the candidates holds a progressive, liberal ideology. The other leans toward a biblical understanding. Which one will be your choice?

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