Athletic rankings as a USA National Club Coach (1982-1992)

4 WINDS provides 4W Report and stands up worldwide for Christian athletes. Steve and Liz McConkey are the founders of 4 WINDS (1988) and Steve is the president. They started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981. Steve was a USA National Club Coach from 1982 through 1992, with athletes ranking eighty times. After ministering to world-class track and field athletes from 1981 through 2013, Steve started standing up worldwide for Christian athletes. is their website.

They have worked through nine Olympics. Steve appears periodically on worldwide radio. He graduated with honors from Western Kentucky University (Master of Science-Public Health), Minnesota State University, Mankato (BS-Community Health), and Webster High School (WI). They have lived in Eugene, Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and now Madison, Wisconsin. Steve was born in Des Moines, Iowa before moving to NW Wisconsin after the sixth grade. He has ran over 67,500 miles.

Marks made by foreign and college athletes are not included, plus indoor events that are not contested outdoors. Marks are based on outdoor events ranked by Track and Field News. Athletes in Track and Field News were designated with affiliation abbreviations of AIA, LW, and 4W.

AIA marks are in the 1983 annual edition. LW marks from the 1984 through the 1988 editions. 4W marks from the 1989 through the 1992 editions. Relay marks are counted as one ranking, even though there are four athletes on each relay team.

Tom Ansberry- 3000 7:57.89i(88) 5000 13:51.25(91) 13:38.80(92)
10,000 28:59.21(87) 28:42.35(88) 28:28.9(90) 28:12.4(91) 28:48.28(92)
Robbin Bell- 800 2:03.71(83)
Kelly Brooks- Shot Put 66-3/4(83)
Fred Carpenter- Javelin 248-11(83)
Andy Clifford- 1500 3:41.07(83) Mile 4:01.31(83)
Carroll Cobb- Triple Jump 54-8.5(87) 54-4(88) 54-1.25(89) 54-2.5(90) 52-4.75(91) 53-6.25(92)
Rick Fritzemeier- Hammer 204-5(83)
Vernon George- Long Jump 26-11(92)
Ken Glover- High Jump 7-3(83)
Brent Harken- High Jump 7-6.5(87) 7-7(88) 7-7(89) 7-5(90) 7-8.5(91) 7-4.25(92)
Yolanda Henry- High Jump 6-2.25(88) 6-4.25(89)
Leslie Hoerner- Javelin 165-3(83)
Paul Kendrick- Discus 185-10(88)
Matt Kolb- Pole Vault 18-1/2(87) 18-1/2(88) 17-9(90)
Sue Klappa- 10K Walk 52:50(92)
Gordon Laine- Long Jump 25-10.25(84) 26-2(85) 26-7.75(86) 27-1/2(87) 27-3/4(88)
Robin Marks- 400 Hurdles 56.42(84)
Gerald Masterson- 800 1:47.78(84)
Everett McDougal- Triple Jump 51-10(88)
Mel McGinnis- 50K Walk 4:55.00(83)
Deirdre McKinley- Long Jump 21-4.75(88)
Derek McKinley- Long Jump 25-9.5(88) 25-8.5(89) 25-5(90) Triple Jump 52-0(85) 52-7.25(86) 52-2.75(87) 52-10.25(90)
Kevin McKinley- 400 Hurdles 50.75(88)
Ron Perkins- Hammer 211-3(83)
Scott Rider- 800 1:46.99(83)
Dave Sanderson- Pole Vault 17-1(83)
Sam Schick- 20K Walk 1:30.26(83) 50K Walk 4:17.03(83)
Elaine Sundby- Javelin 160-1(83)
Donna Tiegs- Heptathlon 5014(83)
Cary Tyler- Triple Jump 54-0(83)
Chris Walker- Long Jump 25-9.25(90)
Johnny Walker- 800 1:46.86(84)
Larry Weber- 1500 3:43.4(83) Mile 4:00.1(83)
Stan Whittaker- 800 1:47.21(83)
Mike Yonkey- Shot Put 60-7.5(91) Discus 195-8(91)
Charlie Youngren- Javelin 235-7(86) 248-7(87) 234-0(88) 226-6(89) 237-5(90)
Linda Zeman- Marathon 2:34.52(88) 2:39.38(92)

4×400 3:06.8 (Smith, Rolle, Gardner, Hartson) Waco, TX(84)
4×800 7:22.2 (Trott, Clifford, Whittaker, Rider) Modesto, CA(83)
4×1500 15:16.4 (Dotson, Otto, Britz, Weber) Walnut, CA(83)
Distance Medley 9:29.9 (Clifford 2:56.3, Whittaker 46.9, Rider 1:46.5, Trott 4:00.2) Walnut, CA(83)

Tom Ansberry- 10,000 (1988, 1992)
Carroll Cobb- Triple Jump (1988, 1992)
Ricky Cox- Marathon (1984)
Vernon George- Long Jump (1992)
Brent Harken- High Jump (1988, 1992)
Yolanda Henry- High Jump (1988)
Gordon Laine- Long Jump (1984, 1988)
Robin Marks- 400 Hurdles (1984)
Deirdre McKinley- Long Jump (1988)
Kevin McKinley- 400 Hurdles (1988)
Johnny Walker- 800 (1984)
Charlie Youngren- Javelin (1988)
Linda Zeman- Marathon (1984, 1988)

Ken Glover, High Jump (Israel)
Gordon Laine, Long Jump (England and Germany)
Scott Rider, 800 (England and Germany)
Tom Ansberry (World Cross Country, Norway)
Yolanda Henry, High Jump (World Indoor, Hungary), (4 Nations, England), (World University Games, W. Germany)
Carroll Cobb, Triple Jump (8 Nations, Italy)
Brent Harken, High Jump (USA-Great Britain, Scotland)
Tom Ansberry, 10,000 (World University Games, England)

Three foreign athletes on the LW team were in the 1984 Olympics (not in the rankings above because they are foreign athletes). Desmond Morris (Jamaica, High Jump 7-5 PR). Greg Rolle (Bahamas, 400H 49.46 PR). Karl Smith (Jamaica, 400H 49.17 PR).

Lay Witnesses for Christ (LW) had a team which Steve was the head coach of. Also, LW had a multitude of medalists who worked with the ministry. Steve and Liz did Christian meetings with these athletes. They had official sponsorship commitments that prevented them from being on the LW team.

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