Steve and Liz McConkey are the founders (1988) and operate 4 Winds USA. They started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981. From 1982 through 1992, Steve was a USA National Club Coach for Athletes in Action (Eugene), Lay Witnesses for Christ (Dallas-Ft. Worth), and 4 Winds USA (Minneapolis-St. Paul). Athletes were ranked eighty times.

In 1992, 4 Winds USA dropped the team and started working with all world-class track and field athletes. In 2014, 4 Winds USA started standing up for Christian athletes in every sport. Steve operates which provides SM Report and SM Running.

Steve graduated with honors from Western Kentucky University (Master of Science-Public Health) and Minnesota State University, Mankato (BS-Community Health). Liz graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Superior (Teacher Education).

Steve and Liz McConkey Approach 37 Years In Athletic Ministry….
Pictures Through The Years….
Steve McConkey Testimony….

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