Merrill Olson

Merrill Olson

Merrill Olson served as a senior pastor for thirty-four years. He received a B.S. from Minnesota State University-Mankato, an M. Div. from Bethel Theological Seminary, and a D. Min. from Columbia Evangelical Seminary. He is currently involved as an interim pastor along with a teaching and writing ministry. His emphasis is on apologetics and training believers to defend their faith in Christ from God’s Word. He is well versed in Bible prophecy as it pertains to end times. He is a gifted speaker with the conviction that only by the Word of God can people experience inward transformation by the Holy Spirit. He and his wife, Jan, reside in Minnesota and have two daughters and four delightful grandchildren.

The Qualities of the Antichrist

December 3, 2015
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By Merrill Olson No one can fully comprehend what the world will be like under Satan’s future CEO who will rule the entire world (Dan. 7:23-25). Even though the Bible gives different titles to him, the most common understanding is “the Antichrist” (1 John 2:18). Nevertheless, Scripture associates various character qualities to him that helps…

The Mark of the Beast

November 16, 2015
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By Merrill Olson One of the most intriguing issues in Bible prophecy has to do with the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18). No biblical truth regarding prophecy has brought more sensationalism, speculation, and trivialization than the one regarding this mark. Many questions have been asked regarding its meaning and even how it may be…

The Worldwide Great Tribulation

November 4, 2015
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By Merrill Olson The coming worldwide great tribulation will be time of unparalleled turmoil that God will use to accomplish His sovereign purposes. It is going to be the darkest time in human history. Jesus describes it, “For then there will be great tribulation such as not been since the beginning of the world until…

The Marriage and Supper of the Lamb

October 7, 2015
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By Merrill Olson Many people today are illiterate as to Bible prophecy. An interesting study is to look at the opinions of many people regarding this important but neglected area that has to do with 27 percent of the whole Bible. One pastor said that he did not preach on Bible prophecy because “prophecy distracts…

Standing Before the Bema

September 23, 2015
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By Merrill Olson Daniel Webster, the great American statesman, was once asked what he considered to be the greatest thought that ever entered his mind. He stated, “The most important thought that ever occupied my mind is ‘my accountability to God.’” Therefore, what gripped his mindset was the acknowledgment that one day he would stand…

The Rapture Mystery

September 9, 2015
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By Merrill Olson In April 2009 Newsmax magazine after laying out all the polling results of Americans’ end time views concluded, “So the idea that creation’s clock could strike midnight at any time turns out to be as American as apple pie, pink slips, and debt collectors. If you mix the morning headlines into the…

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