Billionaire eyes private mission to find aliens (demons)

(SPACE) Government agencies may not have a monopoly on life-hunting space missions for much longer.

Breakthrough Initiatives, which already scans the heavens for possible signals from faraway alien civilizations, is considering looking for E.T. on worlds close to home, founder Yuri Milner said.

“We are thinking very seriously about solar system-based initiatives,” Milner said here Sunday (Nov. 4) at the seventh annual Breakthrough Prize ceremony at NASA’s Ames Research Center. “We’re thinking, within our foundation, is there something we can do, privately funded, which will supplement the government-funded projects?” [6 Most Likely Places for Alien Life in the Solar System]

Milner, a billionaire tech investor, founded Breakthrough Initiatives in 2015 with his wife, Julia. The organization already funds the $100 million Breakthrough Listen project, which is hunting for pings from intelligent aliens, and the $100 million Breakthrough Starshot effort, which aims to develop tiny laser-sailing spacecraft for the exploration of nearby exoplanetary systems.

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