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Celebrate The Grand Miracle!!

By Paul Bawden

Christmas is always an exciting time, especially for the children, yes, it’s a time of great anticipation.

I remember that my sister and I could hardly wait for Christmas morning to come to find out the presents we received for Christmas.

Even if one doesn’t celebrate Christmas, or believe in the reality of Christmas, there is something about “the spirit of Christmas” – the giving and receiving of gifts, gathering with family, and reaching out to help the less fortunate.

But is Christmas fact or fiction? Actually, there can only be two responses – either Christmas is a reality or it isn’t a reality.

C. S. Lewis, prolific Irish writer and scholar, once an atheist, embraced the living Christ as his Savior. He called Christmas the “Grand Miracle.” Obviously, he accepted the historical reality of Christmas. Why did Lewis call Christmas the “ Grand Miracle?” He called Christmas the “Grand Miracle” because Christmas is the incarnation, the uniting of Deity and sinless humanity in one person – the God-man – the Lord Jesus Christ.

To our human reason such seems impossible in our high-tech scientific world. Of course, that doesn’t mean the incarnation didn’t happen. In fact, if the incarnation never happened, there would be no solution to sin, guilt, selfishness, and death in our world.

The truth is, as the trustworthy writers of Sacred Writ testify, through Christ’s death on the cross, His burial, and open tomb, He paid our penalty for the breaking of God’s law, which is death, and conquered the grave bodily, winning His eternal life and forgiveness for each of us, which life includes selflessness, eternal meaning and purpose for living now, and the guarantee of being in God’s presence after this life.

So the choice is ours. We can believe that Christ died in our place and conquered the grave bodily to provide us His forgiveness and eternal life, or we can reject who He is and what He has done for us. As the poet Goethe said, “Choose well. Your choice is brief yet endless.”

And the one who, by faith, believes in Christ, has the “Grand Miracle” take place in his or her life. What do I mean by that? The believer in Christ has His Spirit live in one’s life spiritually (Colossians 1:27), so that now the believer can display on a daily basis the very life of Christ in His power.

It’s been put this way that the biblical God is still walking in men, and wherever He walks He acts like Himself. . . . and in so doing Christ will act the same way as He did in Galilee and Judea. His disposition will be the same – holy, righteous, compassionate, meek and humble. He will be the same in the believer – friendly, kind, loving, prayerful, worshipful, sacrificial as He walks (lives) in the believer.” Have a wonderful Christmas celebrating and living the Grand Miracle!!

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