Coach Under Investigation for Informing Boys’ Team That Wrestler Is Girl, Requiring Her to Use Girls’ Locker Room

An Ohio high school wrestling coach is under investigation after he allegedly informed his boys’ wrestling team that one of its members who identifies as a boy is really a girl, and for requiring that she use the girls’ locker room.

The mother of Aubry Pogue-Krabacher, who now goes by the name Aiden, recently went to the Wilmington School Board to lodge a complaint about Wilmington High School Coach Kelly Tolliver.

“Not only did Coach Tolliver announce to the entire team that Aiden is transgender, he publicly humiliated him in front of his classmates with privileged, medical information he had no business sharing,” she said, according to

Pogue-Krabacher was also allegedly told that she could not use the boys’ locker room to change since she is a girl. The student says that she told Tolliver that she was not a girl, but Tolliver wouldn’t buy it. He insisted that she use the boys’ locker room. CHRISTIAN NEWS

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