Company sells out of $1,425 ‘Jesus shoes’ with holy water

VINTAGE NEWS – Jesus famously walked on water, now the general public can in these new shoes! Brooklyn-based internet studio MSCHF have manufactured “Jesus Shoes”, limited edition footwear which feature soles filled with Holy Water and a golden Jesus on a crucifix serves as a shoelace arm. The water has been sourced from the River Jordan and colored blue for aesthetic reasons.

And if that doesn’t sound respectful enough, then don’t worry… the sneakers have actually been blessed by a priest.

Bible verse Matthew 14:25 – chronicling Jesus’s walk on water – is visible on the design. Fox News also writes about “frankincense-scented insoles, a crucifix threaded through the laces, and a red sole, which references the red shoes traditionally worn by past Popes.”

The overarching religious theme even extends to the box. Depicted on it are an angel and mock Papal seal.

Described as a “collab” between Christ and MSCHF by Head of Commerce David Greenberg to the New York Post, the original run of these shoes started at $1,425 but quickly sold out within minutes. Any available Jesus shoes on the market currently are going for $3,000-4,000 on resale sites! In spite of the hefty price tag they have reportedly all sold out and demand is incredibly high. Less than 2 dozen were produced initially. READ MORE

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