Cops on flying bikes to patrol Dubai

(GULF NEWS) Dubai Police have started training two officers on flying motorcycles with a view to introducing the vehicles into service by 2020, according to a tweet by the Dubai Media Office on Friday.

The futuristic step forward in policing was confirmed by Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, director of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, who said the hoverbike will be used in policing work across the city.

“We have two crews already training to use the hoverbike and we will increase the number. The vehicle will be used by 2020 in first-responder roles because of its ability to access hard-to-reach locations,” Brigadier Al Razooqi told Gulf News.

The new crime-fighting “hoverbike” was part of the remarkable display of advanced technology unveiled by Dubai Police at the Gitex Technology Week 2018.

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