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Evolution, Really?

By Paul Bawden

The Alpha Omega Institute attempted to test evolution and creation more fully in the context of their building project.

First, they looked at the empty building and waited for something to appear out of nothing. Walls, ceiling, electrical service, plumbing, etc. were all needed, so they tried to wait and see if gravity or some other unseen naturalistic force could create something usable and optimal.

Being unsuccessful, they then thought that possibly, if they had all the materials available, order could come from chaos. So they assembled the building materials together in this empty room, and then left it alone.

Still unsuccessful, a suggestion was made that some energy should be added to the building materials. Unfortunately, they were unable to test their hypothesis. Their landlord intervened when he observed them bringing a box of TNT into the testing area.

The conclusions of the Alpha Omega Institute, from these experiments (though incomplete because of the landlord) were if they were to use this space, they would need a designer, builder, resources, and perhaps a more usable supply of energy to accomplish the task before them.

The Institute concludes their project by saying that they hope we can see how scientifically they have approached this project, and how considerate of opposing viewpoints they have tried to be; however the empirical evidence seems to suggest that nonsense is still nonsense.

I realize that the popular thinking in the public arena does not appreciate that conclusion. But it is truly amazing, is it not, that the design and order of our world will not be attributed to the Designer? In addition, in the public arena, there is no recognition that non-life cannot produce life.

Could it be that the human mind doesn’t want to acknowledge that there is the eternal Creator who brought our world and life into existence by His own word (Psalm 33:6). For once the Creator is acknowledged, a person begins to realize that he is created by Him, and needs to discover what his Creator is saying to him.

On the other hand, to not acknowledge the eternal biblical Creator is to live in a world with only man in his limited knowledge trying to find answers to his origin, which leaves him trapped in his life box. And without responding in faith to the eternal Creator, who has broken into that box, life has no eternal meaning, as people eat, drink, and are merry with no eternal hope beyond the grave. Such is sad as the Creator’s love, holiness, grace, forgiveness, yes, His new life with eternal meaning and hope are passed by.

John, in the first chapter of his Gospel, penned, “He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him.” Who is John referring to? None but the eternal Christ who is the Agent of Creation (Colossians 1:16). But He is not just the Creator, He also wants to be our Redeemer (John 3:16). Is He your Savior? (cf. Romans 10:9-13). If Jesus Christ is your Savior, worship Him as your Creator and live for Him in His power giving glory to His Name, while thanking Him for His eternal hope.


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