Fast facts on homosexuality’s impact on society

Homosexuals account for less than 2% of the population. Homosexuals account for 33% of child molestations [1], average lifespan is shortened 20-30 years [2], 67% of all new AIDS cases [3], 83% of syphilis cases, 17X greater risk for anal cancers [4], 28X more likely to get AIDS [5].

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50% transgender male teens and 30% transgender female teens have tried suicide. 42% for all non-binary youth. Non transgender rates are 18% for females and 10% for males. [6]

6. Pediatrics

Transgender women on hormones are 2X more likely to have the blood clot condition venous thromboembolism and 80 to 90% more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. [7]

7. Annals of Internal Medicine

There is no gay gene according to researchers. [8]

8. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

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