Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation. - Psalm 146:3


“The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.” (Psalm 121:8)

Thanks for all you do as we stand up for Christian athletes. Every day we have a new challenge come up that we address in some way. Never a dull moment. Your prayers are appreciated and answered. God gives us boldness and perseverance that we cannot create ourselves.

We are on target for a fruitful year, Lord willing. The USA Olympic Track and Field Trials will be in Eugene, Oregon at the end of June. The Olympics will be about a month later. There are many new athletes coming onto the scene. This will be our eleventh Olympics since being in the ministry.

We had two interviews on 250 radio stations in 35 states, then worldwide. One addressed USA Boxing. They will allow transgenders to compete. Hard to believe we are seeing this in our lifetime. Things are happening very fast before the coming of Christ.

The other interview addressed some legislators from California trying to stop tackle football for kids under 12. They want them to play flag football despite the lack of proof that concussions are prevalent in tackle football at this age.

Illinois Family Institute is distributing an article in Illinois and nationwide. It is called “Wokeness at the NFL Continues.” Look it up online. We are taking the NFL on for hosting the “Night of Pride” event before the Super Bowl. This pride event will promote LGBTQ propaganda.

As we go about our work, we tell people they need to come to know the Lord. At our website, we have “Becoming A Christian.” Without a relationships with Christ, we are lost. Every day, we thank God for His salvation.

Again, thanks for all you do. Without you, we could not do our work. Have a great month ahead. Love in Christ, Steve and Liz McConkey

Games and sports are just a front
Bronson Woodruff, American Family News
Jan 05, 2024

USA Boxing, the national governing body for Olympic-style boxing, has revised its rulebook to allow men to compete with women. He must first, among other things, meet certain hormonal standards.

The stated purpose of the new “transgender policy” is “to provide fairness and safety for all boxers,” but Riley Gaines says it is just wrong.

“You don’t even have to have a science degree to know this,” she told Fox News. “This is basic, common knowledge. Women are not just a testosterone level, and we’re not just men who merely don’t have male genitalia, which is the policy the USA Boxing has in place now.”

Her issue, she said, is more than just the unfair competition aspect.

“The safety of women has been compromised by USA Boxing’s new policies and guidelines, and I think my biggest problem with this new implementation is now we are glorifying men,” Gaines continued. “We’re calling them champions. We’re giving them titles. They’re winning prize money for punching women in the face. We’re glorifying that, and we’re calling it progressive,” when it is incredibly regressive.

4Winds USA’s Steve McConkey, who started world-class track and field ministries with his wife back in 1981, says this is a relatively new issue.

“Back in that day, this would be unheard of,” he says. “It’s amazing how the radicals got into sports and used sports as a vehicle to promote the LGBTQ agenda.”

In 2003, when his organization started fighting the transgender movement, he was told by a U.S. Olympic attorney that nothing would ever come of it. Now, 20 years later, he admits that he is “pretty surprised” by USA Boxing’s move.

He does not think it happened naturally or by mistake, but he suspects money, power, and fear have had a lot to do with the regression. Science and sense, however, have not.

As for why this is pushed so heavily on society today, he does not think it has anything to do with athletics.

“I don’t even think they care about transgenders, to be honest,” McConkey concludes. “I think it’s a Marxist attack on the family. They use sports as a vehicle to get this out to harm the family. We don’t know the total motivations of why they’re doing this, but sometimes you wonder if there’s some big donors or something on the outside that are influencing this.”

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