Federal Judge Rules School Must Allow Girl to Use Boys’ Locker Room

A federal judge appointed to the bench by then-President Barack Obama has ruled that a Maryland high school must allow a female student who identifies as male to use the boys’ locker room.

“M.A.B.’s claims come down to a boy asking his school to treat him just like any other boy,” wrote District Court Judge George Russell, III. “This court finds that Title IX and the Equal Protection Clause provide M.A.B. grounds to do so.”

According to reports, the student, who goes by the name Max Brennan, was asked to use a separate gender-neutral locker room at St. Michaels Middle High School under Talbot County Public Schools facility use policy. Brennan has reportedly struggled with gender dysphoria since her childhood and received an official diagnosis in 2014.

While her school was willing to refer to her by her new name and preferred pronoun, it prohibited Brennan from changing for gym class with the boys. Officials also originally would not allow Brennan to use the boys’ restroom, but changed their mind following the Fourth Circuit’s decision surrounding the Virginia student who goes by the name Gavin Grimm. CHRISTIAN NEWS

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