Jenn Suhr is semi-retired


That’s how Jenn Suhr, an Olympic gold medalist, describes her current relationship with pole vaulting.

“(My husband and I) got into RVing, we got into hiking and going around and visiting different places in New York State and close by and I enjoy that a lot and it’s just so much more peaceful than that putting everything you have into one meet and living and dying by your marks and your results, so right now, we’re just enjoying life,” Suhr said from her Churchville home.

In 2008, Suhr put everything into her performance in Beijing and took home the silver.

In 2012, Suhr again put everything into her performance in London vaulted her way to the top podium.

“Nothing is going to ever equal that gold medal and that experience and I can relive it like it was yesterday,” she said. ROCHESTER FIRST

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