Ken Ham pushes back after commentator Matt Walsh argues against a young earth

(CHRISTIAN NEWSWIRE) Apologist Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is pushing back after conservative commentator Matt Walsh recently released a lengthy video explaining why he is not a young earth creationist, but rather believes that the text of the Book of Genesis leaves room for interpretation as to how long a day was at the time that God created the heavens and the earth. Walsh also asserted that advocating for a young earth can “put obstacles in the way” from people coming to Christ because it pits faith against science.

“What genre is Genesis? Is it a science textbook? It is meant to be read as a precise scientific account of the origins of the universe? Is that why Genesis is there? Is that what God wants us to take from it?” Walsh asked in a video posted on Oct. 18.

“If you were to isolate Genesis and put it in a section of the bookstore by itself, would it be in the science section?” he continued. “Do you think that Genesis should or can be used as a reference for serious geological or cosmological study? Could a theoretical physicist kind of check his work by consulting the Bible?”

Walsh, a Roman Catholic, said Genesis is a theological work and not a scientific one, and that while he believes it is “100 percent true,” one has to know how to read it.

Ken Ham soon posted remarks on his website, pushing back against Walsh’s arguments against a young earth.

“His claim that the days in Genesis cannot be twenty-four hours because a day is defined by the earth revolving around the sun and spinning on its axis reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of what a day is. Though he’s correct to say that the sun, according to Scripture, wasn’t there until the fourth day, the length of the day has nothing to do with the sun,” he wrote.

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