Lawmaker suspended for ‘(expletive) private schools’ comment

SENTINEL SOURCE – State Rep. Tamara Le, D-North Hampton, was suspended Tuesday from the House Education Committee for her Facebook post stating “(expletive) private and religious schools.”

Le, who also represents Newington, Greenland and Portsmouth’s Ward 3, has said her post was intended to shed light on the lack of anti-discrimination policies in private schools to protect people with disabilities. However, Democratic House Speaker Steve Shurtleff said her use of the F-word in the post was not only offensive but painted all private schools with a broad brush.

An alum of Bishop Brady High School in Concord, Shurtleff said he spoke with Le Tuesday in person about the post, then called her later that day to tell her she would be suspended.

“I was offended by the language as most people were,” Shurtleff said. “I didn’t like the fact, and I mentioned this to Rep. Le, she tarred all … private religious schools with the same brush.”

The post was from Oct. 20, but New Hampshire GOP spokesman Joe Sweeney said it came to light over the weekend when political pundit Michael Graham wrote about it in an article for NH Journal. He said the state party posted a petition for Le to be removed from the House Education Committee on Sunday, and they handed the petition to Shurtleff’s office Wednesday with 600 signatures. READ MORE

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