Molly Huddle breaks American record at Houston Half Marathon in 67:25

Sunday’s women’s half marathon was viewed as one of the deepest and fastest in American history.

Indeed, it was an American making history as Molly Huddle unofficially broke Deena Kastor’s half marathon record, finishing seventh and running 13.1 miles in 67:25 in the Aramco Half Marathon.

Huddle, 33, also set new unofficial marks for fastest 10-mile (50:52) and 20K splits (63:48), both former records set by Kastor.

“We were going really well for 10 miles and I felt good about the record. I was worried then—once I dropped off the pack—(because) I wasn’t with anyone or next to anyone,” Huddle said. “I was actually worried the last three miles that I would lose it.”

The men’s half marathon ran simultaneously so Huddle used them to push her pace and held on, toppling Kastor’s 12-year half marathon record (67:34). HOUSTON CHRONICLE

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