NEWS RELEASE: New Zealand Researchers Reach the Same Transgender Competition Conclusions that Steve McConkey Reached Since 2003

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MADISON, Wis., July 31, 2019 /4 Winds Christian Athletics/ – The Journal of Medical Ethics recently concluded that transgender athletes have an “intolerable unfairness” over women athletes. The study was performed by New Zealand researchers at the University of Otago in Dunedin.

Bioethicists Taryn Knox, Lynley Anderson, and Alison Heather conclude that transgender testosterone levels of 10 nanomoles for women’s Olympic sports give transgenders an unfair advantage. The threshold was established by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Ten nanomoles is significantly higher than normal levels for women (0.52–2.4 nanomoles). Normal for men is 9–38.

Transgenders have these advantages:

– Muscle mass remains the same with training despite hormone therapy. Muscle memory remains throughout life.

– Hormone therapy will not alter already existing bone structure, lung volume, or heart size. Joint movement, stroke volume, and maximum oxygen uptake will not be altered.

Democrats in Congress repeatedly downplay the competitive advantages that transgenders have over women.

Rep. Ilhan Omar wrote to Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison urging him to investigate USA Powerlifting for barring transgenders. “The myth that trans women have a ‘direct competitive advantage’ is not by medical science, and it continues to stoke fear and violence against one of the most at-risk communities in the world,” wrote Omar.

The Democrats’ Equality Act would make “gender identity” a protected category under federal anti-discrimination laws. Public schools would have to expand female athletic teams to include transgenders on teams with girls. This already is happening, but would dramatically increase.

“Arguments about transgender athletes participating in sports in accordance with their gender identity having competitive advantages have not been borne out,” New York Democrat Jerry Nadler has said. He is wrong.

House Democrats passed the Equality Act in May unanimously. The Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to vote on it. Leading Democratic presidential candidates said they will support the Equality Act.

There have been numerous cases where transgenders have dominated women in their category.

“We have been saying the same things as the New Zealand researchers since 2003,” states 4 Winds Christian Athletics President Steve McConkey. “We have concluded that even when LGBT activists are presented with the facts, they are delusional in their support of transgenders in sports.

“The International Olympic Committee needs to eliminate transgenders altogether and make intersex athletes keep their testosterone levels at 5 nanomoles or under. Recently the track and field world body (IAAF) ruled that intersex athletes have to keep their levels at 5 nanomoles or below in some events, but they need to do that for all events, plus eliminate transgenders from competing.”

In 2003, McConkey started fighting the International Olympic Committee for allowing transgenders in the Olympics. He was the only one who stood against this publicly.

From there, the transgender movement spread to state high schools, the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, and the military. Steve has fought this LGBT agenda every step of the way.

4 Winds Christian Athletics (4 WINDS) is a ministry that stands up worldwide for Christian athletes.

Steve and his wife are the founders (1988) and operate 4 WINDS. They started in world-class track and field ministries in 1981 and have done ministry work through nine Olympics. Steve was a USA National Club Coach from 1982 through 1992 with athletes ranking eighty times. In 2014, 4 WINDS started standing up worldwide for Christian athletes in every sport. Steve operates and periodically appears in articles and on radio worldwide. He graduated with honors from Western Kentucky University (Master of Science-Public Health), Minnesota State University, Mankato (BS-Community Health), and Webster High School (WI). They have lived in Eugene, Dallas-Fort Worth, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and now Madison, Wisconsin.

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