Palestinian leader Abbas cuts ties with United States and Israel over peace deal

(FOX) Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said he is cutting security ties with Israel and the U.S. on Saturday, in reaction to a U.S.-brokered peace plan that immediately met with furious objections from the Palestinians.

Abbas said he told Israel and the U.S. that “there will be no relations with them, including the security ties” following the deal that Palestinians say heavily favors the Israelis. He also said he will refuse to take President Trump’s phone calls “because I know that he would use that to say he consulted with us.”

“I will never accept this solution,” Abbas said. “I will not have it recorded in my history that I have sold Jerusalem.”

The furious reaction by Abbas came during a speech at an Arab League meeting in Cairo, Egypt that denounced the plan — and poured cold water on the plan’s chances.

The plan was unveiled by President Trump on Tuesday and calls for a two-state solution — with the creation of a future state of Palestine in Gaza, parts of the West Bank and neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The White House has called it “the most serious, realistic, and detailed plan ever presented, one that could make Israelis, Palestinians, and the region safer and more prosperous.” READ MORE

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