Roman Catholics worldwide praying in cemeteries to free souls from ‘purgatory’ November 1-8

(CHRISTIAN NEWSWIRE) As has been the custom for the past 50 years, Roman Catholics worldwide who pray at a cemetery between Nov. 1-8-and follow other requirement-are being offered a plenary indulgence to free their loved one from Purgatory and send their soul to Heaven. The practice has been said to be unbiblical for a number of reasons.

“Purgatory is a travesty on the justice of God and a disgraceful fabrication that robs Christ Jesus of His glory and honor,” Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries in Plano, Texas told Christian News Network. “He alone satisfied divine justice, once and for all, by the perfect and finished sacrifice of Himself.”

“The fatal deception of Purgatory blinds Catholics from the glorious gospel of grace,” he said. “It is one of Satan’s many lies that keep his captives from knowing and trusting the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. It is Christ alone who will present us ‘faultless before the presence of His glory’ (Jude 24).”

“We can wield unimaginable power for the souls in purgatory during the week of All Souls Day, from Nov. 1-8,” wrote author Patti Armstrong in an article entitled “How to Help Free the Souls in Purgatory,” published by the National Catholic Register on Nov. 2. “If we visit a cemetery and pray for a soul in purgatory, they a can be released by us; one on every one of those days.”

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