Olympics sets boundaries for transgender athletes (Quoted in Article)

By Bill Bumpas

The head of a Christian sports organization is applauding the news that the International Olympic Committee will be applying tougher restrictions on Transgender athletes.

According to news reports, the IOC will lower testosterone levels for women to five nanamoles, down from 10.

Steve McConkey, president of 4 Winds USA, says this will make it tougher for transgenders who are now able to compete with a ten nanamoles limit. This new policy will be in effect for the 2020 games in Tokyo, Japan.

“That is really good news,” he says, “because that’s going to take away an advantage that this person would have chemically in the testosterone level.”

However, he adds, that rule is only a “step in the right direction” because that well-trained athlete has muscle mass and bone mass that are larger than a female competitor.

McConkey, who has been vocally opposing the OCC transgender rules since 2003, says he is keeping his guard up for what he sees as a spiritual battle.

“We got to keep doing what we’re doing,” he says, “and just trust the Lord that he’s going to reverse some of this.” ONE NEWS NOW

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