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Time or Eternity?

By Paul Bawden

How do we value ONE YEAR? Ask a student who failed a grade.

How do we value ONE MONTH? Ask a Mother whose baby arrived prematurely.

How do we value ONE WEEK? Editor’s of weekly newspapers know.

How do we value ONE HOUR? Ask someone who lies terminally ill waiting for a loved one who is late.

How do we value ONE MINUTE? Ask someone who missed a plane, a train, a very important engagement that would never be rescheduled.

How do we value ONE SECOND? Ask an Olympic Medalist, someone who just missed having an accident, or someone saying good by to a loved one they will never see again.

Yes, time slips through our fingers like sands through the hour glass. Once it’s
gone, it can’t be replaced.

That’s why at the beginning of the New Year or at any time of the year, it’s wise to ask ourselves if there is any other entity besides time? Is there a kind of stuff
that doesn’t wear out, doesn’t need to be replaced, and is not affected by death?

I’m glad there is an answer. It’s found not in us but in the God-man, Jesus Christ, whose birth we just celebrated. He came and won for us His forgiveness and eternal life through His death and bodily resurrection for us. That’s why He said that whoever believes in Him would not perish but have eternal life.

Many scoff at such a reality, but such denial doesn’t destroy the reality that
anyone who accepts Christ as one’s personal Savior possesses His kind of life,
eternal life (John 3:16). The person who makes that decision to follow Christ has eternity living in his or her life, having God’s help, stability, peace, and encouragement now, with the promise of being with God forever after this life.

It’s not time or eternity. Rather, it’s having eternity in your life now, so you can
live in time with eternal purpose and hope every day of the New Year!

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