Vatican pushes global warming as ‘key challenge’ of our age

(BREITBART) In its ongoing climate crusade, the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano echoed dire warnings in its weekend edition that the present generation may be the last to be able to battle global warming effectively.

“Climate change is the key challenge of our time. Our generation is the first to experience the rapid increase in temperatures all over the world and probably the last that can effectively combat the imminent global climate crisis,” the Vatican paper declares, citing a joint declaration signed by 16 heads of state of European countries prior to the U.N. climate conference, Cop24, to be held in Katowice, Poland, from December 3 to 14.

“The effects of climate change,” the joint declaration states, “are well documented and are felt everywhere in the world.”

These effects allegedly include a “dramatic increase in heatwaves, with floods, droughts and landslides, the melting of glaciers and the rise in sea levels,” L’Osservatore Romano declares.

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