Wisconsin governor says holiday tree will ‘celebrate science’

CBS – In 2007 the Republican-controlled state Assembly passed a resolution to call the tree a Christmas tree, but it died in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Walker, the son of a Baptist minister, declared the tree a Christmas tree when he took office in 2011.

Twitter users on Friday were quick to point out that Walker did not seem particularly familiar with Jewish customs.

Walker also tweeted a picture of a holiday tree, writing “this is a Christmas tree used by people celebrating Christmas. This is not a holiday tree.”

Evers, a Democrat, called the tree a holiday tree on Friday. He announced the tree’s theme will be “Celebrate Science” and asked schoolchildren to submit science-related ornaments to adorn the tree.

Evers spokeswoman Melissa Baldauff didn’t immediately respond to an email asking why the governor has gone back to calling the tree a holiday tree.

Republican Scott Fitzgerald, the state Senate majority leader and a 2020 congressional candidate, tweeted that Evers’ move was “‘PC’ garbage. It’s a Christmas Tree (sic).”

Tweeted Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos: “We all know it’s a Christmas tree no matter what @GovEvers calls it …”

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, applauded Evers’ decision to rename the tree. She said the move shows the governor is trying to be inclusive and noted the Christmas tree originates from pagan traditions. READ MORE

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